Glaucoma is the term given to a group of eye conditions which affect the optic nerve inside your eye. The optic nerve connects your eye to your brain so that you can see. In most types of glaucoma, increased pressure of the fluid inside your eye causes damage to your optic nerve, which may affect how well you see.

What causes glaucoma?

Glaucoma may develop because the pressure in the eye is higher than normal, or because the nerve is more susceptible to damage from pressure. It may affect one or both of your eyes. 

Who is at risk of glaucoma?

Anyone can develop chronic glaucoma. The risk of developing chronic glaucoma increases if you:

  • have raised pressure in your eye – this is called ocular hypertension (OHT)
  • are closely related to someone with chronic glaucoma
  • are from an African or Caribbean background
  • have high blood pressure
  • are very short-sighted
  • are aged over 40
  • are diabetic

If you are over 40 and a parent, child, brother or sister has glaucoma, the NHS will pay for your eye examination. Here at Focalpoint Opticians, we offer NHS eye examinations.

We recommend everyone to have regular eye examinations every one to two years and here Focalpoint we conduct all the appropriate tests to monitor for glaucoma. Book your appointment online.