Cataracts are formed when the clear lens inside your eye becomes cloudy or misty. This is a natural process that usually happens as we get older. It does not hurt. The early stages of a cataract do not necessarily affect your sight. The rate at which cataracts change vary for everyone, here at Focalpoint Opticians your optometrist will monitor how the cataract is changing.

If your cataract gets to the stage where it affects your sight, your optometrist will refer you to a hospital where cataracts are treated by a routine surgery. The surgery is carried out under a local anaesthetic and has a very high success rate.

At Focalpoint Opticians, we do a fully extensive ocular examination where we can diagnose and monitor cataracts.

What causes Cataracts?

The main cause of cataracts is ageing. Most people who develop a cataract in one eye will eventually develop a cataract in both eyes, although one eye may be affected before the other

Other causes of cataracts can be congenital, trauma induced, diabetes related or induced by taking steroid medication.

If you have cataracts, you may notice that your vision is less clear and distinct. Car headlights and streetlights can become dazzling. You may have trouble moving from shade to sunlit areas. Colours may also look different,

Should you experience any of these symptoms or require further information on cataracts please book an appointment with the optometrist and Focalpoint Opticians.