Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be a great alternative to glasses. Whether you wear them full-time or for special occasions, they can give you more freedom. Even if you’ve tried contacts before and not got on with them, or you’ve never considered using them, we can help.

Advantages of contact lenses

If you’re not sure about contacts, let us tell you all about the advantages they offer. Think about when you wear glasses, your field of vision is compromised because you can see the frames in your peripheral vision. This isn’t a problem when wearing contacts. When it comes to sports and activities, contacts can be a real advantage, giving you clear vision without worrying about glasses slipping or getting knocked. Some people like to wear contacts to go out or for special occasions so they don’t need to worry about their glasses clashing with their look.

Contacts aren’t just for adults – kids get on great with them too. We can fit lenses for children as young as 7, and they soon gain confidence in using them.

Contact lens assessment and fitting

If you’re coming to us for lenses for the first time, we’ll start you off with an eye examination to make sure your prescription is up to date. Then we’ll have a discussion about your vision and lifestyle, and what you need from your contacts. We’ll talk you through the different types of lenses available and help you choose the best ones to suit you. For new wearers, we also include 4 teaching appointments to make sure you’re fully comfortable with inserting, removing and caring for your lenses. You can expect the assessment to last 30-40 minutes, or up to an hour for a new fitting.

Types of contact lenses

As an independent optician, we aren’t restricted in what brands we can use when it comes to contacts. We generally offer lenses from CooperVision, J&J, Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, No7, David Thomas and Mark’ennovy and will make sure to select the best ones to suit your eyes and requirements.

Disposable contacts, which are what most people use, come in daily, 2-week or monthly disposables. Just about any prescription can be catered for these days, including multifocal so you don’t need reading glasses, and toric lenses for people with astigmatism.

We also specialise in Ortho-K lenses. These are special contacts that are worn overnight and work to gently correct your vision while you sleep. This means that you can go about your day without needing to wear glasses or contacts. Ortho-K lenses are suitable for both adults and children with myopia, also known as short-sightedness.

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If you think lenses could be the right choice for you, contact us or request an appointment online and we’ll get you all set up in no time.