Contact Lens Direct Debit

We recommend that most contact lens wearers join one of our Direct Debit schemes. Whether you wear them part-time or full-time, we have options to suit all. Starting from just ten pairs a month, up to full-time wear, the benefits remain the same.

Included in your Direct Debit are:

  • Eye tests
  • Contact Lens checks and refits
  • Free postage of lenses to UK address’
  • Automatic shipment-you don’t need to remember to order, they arrive in store automatically every 3 months
  • Eye drops and Eyecare hygiene products from our everyday range
  • Contact lens solutions (for extended and continuous lens wearers only).
  • 15% off sunglass’
  • 10% off sunglass’ for everyone living at your address

Spreading the cost- We supply three months of lenses at a time, but we take payment monthly. This way you can spread the purchase.

How it works:

Sign up in practice with one of our team. They will provide you with a Direct Debit form from Practice Plan. Payment is always taken on the first of the month. Depending on when the form is sent and/or if you need your first supply, we may need to take one month’s payment up from on your card. The contract is rolling and can be stopped by yourself at any point. Please be aware if you have recently collected a supply of lenses these are given in advance and there may be a balance to pay on them. If the price of our lenses changes we will always give you 28 days’ notice in writing to advise you of this.

Please ask a member of staff if you would like further information or to sign up.