Here at Focalpoint we are confident that you will enjoy wearing contact lenses. They are an excellent alternative to spectacles. There are various options available which give you the freedom to be more active, offering you an alternative look and giving you all round vision with no restrictions.

We take great effort in assessing your needs and requirements, from children as young as eight (to help improve their confidence and performance in sports), to the mature aging eye, where we can now help you to focus up close with multifocal contact lenses! We will teach you how to handle them and understand their key benefits. With regular aftercare we can monitor the health of the eye and make sure you’re always wearing the best lens option for you.

Children in contacts: Research suggests 65% of teens wearing contact lenses said it helped them perform better at sports and 73% said their “new look” was received very positively.

We specialise in Ortho-Keratology. This is a modern approach to contact lens fitting, it provides clear comfortable vision without the need to wear contact lenses throughout the day, ideal for low to mid short sighted adults and children. How does It work? It is a specially designed lens which “reverses” the power of the eye with overnight wear.

Whether you want contact lenses full time or just for the occasional party, we are sure to find something for you, so let’s get started! Email our contact lens specialist for more information:

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