When it comes to correcting your vision there is of course more than one option.

Glasses: Whatever your visual needs are, you will need a pair of spectacles. We keep a large range of frames in stock to suit everyone’s requirements so the best thing is to come and try a few. As an independent we are able to order you the best lenses from a range of labs instead of being forced to use only one manufacturer. This means we can source lenses dependent on your prescription, frame chosen and your visual demands, ensuring the best vision for you.

Sunnies: Most lenses can be produced with a tint applied and there’s a growing availability for polarised options too. We have nagged the manufacturers so much that they are finally responding to our demands for lenses to be made on a curve, so you no longer have to compromise fashion over function.

Contact Lenses: Yes, you can wear contacts! Even if you’ve tried them before, it’s time to try them again as there are new lenses available that are proving incredibly successful. Click here for our contact lens section with more information.

Surgery: Many people are embarrassed to ask us about surgery as they feel it’s putting us independents out of business, BUT please don’t think like that. We would much rather be in a position to offer you advice on who/what/where (we’ve had a lot of feedback over the years), and we feel more comfortable knowing you are in safe hands. Just remember us when you need a new pair of sunnies (without prescription of course!).