You are entitled to a free eye examination if you:

• Are aged under 16 (every 12 months)

• Are aged 16 to 18 and in full time Education (every 24 months)

• Are over 40 with a parent, sibling or child with glaucoma (every 12 months)

• Are aged over 60 (every 24 months, once aged over 70 every 12 months)

• Suffer from diabetes (every 12 months)

• Suffer from glaucoma (every 24 months)

• Or your partner receive income support, tax credits, pension credit guarantee credit JSA or ESA (every 24 months)

• Are named on an HC2 certificate (every 12-24 months)

• Are considered to be at risk of glaucoma (every 12 months)

• Are registered blind/partially sighted (every 12 months)

• Have been prescribed complex lenses (every 12 months)

If the optician feels he/she wishes to monitor your prescription or eye health more regularly they are able to call you back in within a shorter time frame at NO charge to yourself.