Most people only have an eye test when they feel they are having problems, but the government guideline is to be seen at least every two years, as a check up reveals much more than just whether you need specs. Each check up is tailored to your individual needs depending on your age, history, symptoms and medical conditions. To name a few we may check your central and peripheral vision, eye pressure, tear production, lid and eye health, colour and light sensitivity, muscle balance and UV damage. Our Retinal Camera allows us to keep a photographic record of your eye, which we offer at no extra charge. We can check eyes from as young as one, and have different techniques for varying communication abilities.

With our specialist equipment we’re able to monitor the general health of your eyes, internally and externally, have a record for future comparison and monitor any conditions that may be developing. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is especially relevant as eye conditions often have no symptoms. Your eyes also give an indication of your general health, so all in all it’s worth that 30 minutes in a dark room, in a comfy chair every couple of years.

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