With over 30 years of experience in the profession we well and truly know how to buy our stock. Our collections offer a range of designer, bespoke and handmade products at varying price points. As a leading independent practice, we are able to stock products that simply cannot be found in the High Street retail chains. We hold specialist contracts with Lindberg, Cutler & Gross and Ray-Ban (to name a few), and are proud to offer the service you would expect from such brands. As we do the buying (we don’t have products forced on us from higher up), we have a true knowledge and passion for the products we offer and work with.

Equally, or even more, important, are the lenses to go in your frames. We have been Seiko lens specialists for eight years now, who develop their lens, material and coating technology constantly. Again, you simply won’t find Seiko on the high street as they will only align themselves with high end practices who are able to dispense good quality lenses. They have their very own App that allows us to take your facial measurements to point one of a millimetre, resulting in ultra sharp, high definition precision for both single and multi vision lenses. We do know however, that sometimes people suit different lens manufacturers, which is why we keep accounts with Zeiss and Shamir also, plus our independent lab who can source from most manufacturers.

Our current range include


Starck and Mikli  

Cutler & Gross

Oliver Peoples 



Maui Jim


William Morris