This is a fancy word that means your eyelids are slightly inflamed and there is some debris stuck in your eyelashes. This can cause irritation, itching, redness, and exacerbate dry eyes. It is not an infection. Often the best treatment for blepharitis is a combination of warm compresses (heat on the eyes for 10 minutes at a time) and careful cleaning of the eyelid margins. Because the debris is very sticky, regular face washing doesn’t clear it away. So the heat will soften the debris, making it easier to clean away with specialised products designed to be used around the eyes. For the compresses we recommend using something that keeps a constant heat, like an Eyebag. 

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Blepharitis tends to be a chronic condition, so it may flare up from time to time, but generally calms down relatively quickly if you treat it early and are consistent with your treatment.


There are oil glands inside of our eyelids. The oil coats the front surface of our eyes to help prevent them from drying out. When one of these glands becomes blocked it is called a stye. This may appear as a red bump on the main part of the eye lid, or a bump or white head near the opening of the gland which is located along the flat surface of the eyelid near the eye lashes. Styes sometimes will go away on their own, but you can help them along by using hot compresses (constant heat on the eyelids for a period of about 10 minutes). The heat acts to soften the hardened oils that are blocking the gland. For this we recommend using something like an Eyebag.

Watch video: How to use an Eyebag

It may take some time for the stye to resolve, even with the heat treatment. But as long as it is getting softer and smaller then you know that the treatment is working. Occasionally, styes do not resolve and scar tissue is formed leaving a permanent bump on the eye lid. It is possible to have this surgically removed if it is causing discomfort or changes to your vision resulting from pressure on the eye. This is not routinely necessary and is done as a last resort.